Angelina Jolie as a Na'vi from Avatar Movie

Angelina Jolie as a Na'vi from Avatar Movie

Postby parthasarker » Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:01 pm


So by now you have seen a ton of people spit out photomanipulations of themselves as a Na'vi character. Some have been very well done... while others... could use a little guidance. Well it has been requested that I provide a thorough tutorial on how to turn someone into a more realistic looking Na'vi. Hopefully the information I provide will encourage some to go back and re-work their Na'vi'ed selves, or maybe inspire those of you who haven't made one yet... to hop on the bandwagon!

I must warn you: this is a VERY advanced tutorial. I do go through every step… but good Photoshop skills are going to be needed if you want a high quality result.

First make sure you have the tools you need!

* A GOOD picture! One that clearly shows eyes and eyebrows. Hair pulled back is the best option for a picture because it allows you to manipulate braids and other hair textures into the image if you want.
* Photoshop (I used CS3, but as long as you have the Liquify Filter… it's all good! To see if you have it, just go to the "Filter" drop down menu and "Liquify" should be there)
* Skin texture brush from here Skin texture (it's free!)
* WACOM Tablet (not required! But helps. Big time.)


* Prep
* Eyes
* Eye Brows
* Skin Color
* Nose Shape
* Pupil Size
* Pupils Color
* Lips
* Nose Tip
* Face
* Eye Brows (Na'vi Style)
* Face Stripes
* Glow Dots
* Body
* Neck
* Background
* Ears
* Hair

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Re: Angelina Jolie as a Na'vi from Avatar Movie

Postby smasif » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:24 am

hahah...kopa tutorial....kame dibe future ee :D thanks partha bhai for sharing
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