Introduction to SPOTLIGHT

Introduction to SPOTLIGHT

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What’s a Distorted Designers SPOTLIGHT and how does it work?
SPOTLIGHT is our new way of reaching out towards a designer/artist/animator with the Distorted Designers community. Here anyone can ask our nominated designer/artist/animator questions related to that designer’s or artist’s work, area of expertise.

Every month we will nominate a designer/artist/animator from the Distorted Designers community, where he/she will be in the hot seat for 1 month.

During the period, the selected designer/artist/animator will try to answer your questions with the best of his/her knowledge. Please make sure that before you have any question(s) for our nominated designer/artist/animator, it is relevant to that designer’s or artist’s area of expertise.

Also, it is requested that the selected designer/artist/animator check his/her Spotlight thread in DD at regular intervals for new questions/comments posted by the other members of the community at least for that month.

What sort of questions or comments should be avoided?
Any sort of offensive/rude statements/remarks/personal attacks should be avoided.

Rules of SPOTLIGHT will be changed if needed.
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